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How does the enemy win ? Let’s take a look at distractions. Anxiety. Worry. Fear.

I will open this post by showing you a verse in the Bible that pokes this topic with a sharp pointy stick : are you ready?

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

If your fear and worries are causing you to go back to old ways – to stay in the state of defeat – if they are keeping you awake are keeping you from peace – if your thoughts are keeping you from moving forward towards happiness – rest assure those thoughts and feelings are from the enemy – you see the enemy knows there is something great inside of you. He knows your capable of great and wondrous things. The enemy does not want to see you succeed. At anything ! Your thoughts need to be guarded – you are the guard. What comes into your mind you can differentiate what it is. And you can change the course of your thoughts which will change your course. The quality of your life. The way that you perceive the world around you. The devil doesn’t want you to feel victorious. Or capable. Or happy. He doesn’t want you to try to better yourself or be able to help others. His job is to destroy you. And he will use every single thing at his disposal that he can find ! Your thoughts and your emotions – he will prowl on. Oh yes he will. When you get a negative thought counter it with “what’s this trying to tell me? “ negative thoughts are an opportunity to learn what is it you need to go towards in life to attain your greatness. Use situations to learn the lesson in it. Not the strife. Do not dwell on anything. The Bible says be be anxious for NOTHING. Anxiety is one of the main causes for defeat. In the worldly realm we are programmed to use substances in excess to bring about a state of non anxiety – you know what I’m talking about and doing destructive things to yourself to your mind your body – your everything is BAD. Don’t let the enemy win! Practicing mindful gratitude daily will help you change the course of your thoughts. This requires practice. Daily. Every day before you start your day take a few moments and take nice deep breaths and recite to yourself the many things you have to be grateful for. There’s always something ! This empowering act alone can help steer your day towards a brighter frame of mind. When negative thoughts enter your head you immediately counter it with something positive. It can be something your learning. It can be something your grateful for. As long as it’s positive it will HELP you get to that next place in your to level up! Do not let the enemy win! I pray that this reaches someone who needs to hear it today! In Jesus name!


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