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Devotional About Frailty

Lord Jesus I am strong by you. I have learned to lean on you and realize that frailty is indeed a gift when it is used for your glory.

Here is todays devotion : Frailty and growing strong in weakness .

Some of my children have been gifted with the humble gift of frailty. Through this you learn to lean on me and walk closer in faith. This is not a punishment nor does it indicate a lack of faith but as a special gift so we can walk closer. Speak my name throughout your day when you feel lonely. Listen for me in the signs – clear your head – seek me and hear my gentle voice – speak to me aloud as you would a friend. I long to be so close to you. Your natural instinct is to plan out or live your day in the human way of understanding but I work in mysterious ways. My preference is for you to trust in me continuously – talk to me -and trust me to guide you. This is how you grow stronger in weakness.


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